We are a customer-driven total logistics solutions company and we are interested in servicing your changing and varied needs.

Devoting ourselves to answering the logistics needs of individuals, organizations, and businesses in the Philippines, we have created a number of logistics services that range from door-to-door delivery, sea freight, crating, warehousing, and trucking. All of them are effective solutions to transferring goods of virtually any shape, weight, and size from one destination to the next.

AIR21 has also expanded services to ease the handling of several formerly tedious processes. We deliver US Visas, help you obtain birth, marriage, and death records from the NSO, deliver renewed Philippine passports, DTI permits, and school transcripts.

“Everything in this business is about credibility and service,” says Bert Lina, visionary chairman of AIR21. Through a strong corporate culture led by a team of professional managers and a corporate-wide policy of total involvement, we endeavor to meet the customer’s expectations of efficient on-time delivery. AIR21 is under the flagship of Airfreight 2100, Inc.