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Innovation is the key to continuous market leadership

By admin on January 28th, 2014

As trailblazer in the logistics industry, AIR21 augments its delivery capabilities through high technology that drives more business value. On 10 January 2014, AIR21 launched the Greenplum Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Project — a special business analytics software that provides quick access to information that will help managers and executives outrightly decide in the aspects of sales, operations, and finance.

The AIR21 Greenplum Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Project aims to achieve growth, optimised operations, greater customer satisfaction, and sustained and improved margins. It responds to the challenge of efficient data handling that will be available for review anytime. The technology covers three major functions, namely: Geographical Analysis Report, Volume Analysis Report, and Unsuccessful Deliveries Analysis Report.

The Geographical Analysis Report provides analysis on the drivers of volume per region, station, and area, and is able to adapt with geographic area-specific challenges. The Volume Analysis Report plans for resources based on trend analysis of volume and sales projected volume. While the Unsuccessful Deliveries Analysis Report shows factors affecting delivery exceptions per station given its historical perspective in order to guide the Operations group in taking the necessary remedial action.

With this new innovation, AIR21 increases its market leadership by going beyond the track record of efficiency but also in getting oriented with its customers on a more personal appeal keeping real information intact.

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