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AIR21 inaugurates the Kia Warehouse Management Project

By admin on August 22nd, 2011

AIR21, your total logistics solutions provider, brings change in the Columbian Autocar Corporation warehousing system through the AIR21 Kia Warehouse Project. The inauguration was held on 12 August 2011 at the Kia Central Parts Depot in Pasay City.

“It is really now a Central Parts Depot and the operations is being handled professionally so that it extends with the way they [the Kia employees] deal with the people and the way they project themselves”, says Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC) President Ginia Domingo as she talks about the efficient transformation brought by AIR21 to the Kia Warehouse. From a dark alley of automobile spare parts, AIR21 converted it into a well-lit facility equipped with neatly stacked, packaged, and labelled spare parts for each car model. The challenge here is to make sure that in the next few months, the floors are still clean, the stacking is still clean, she adds.

Emer Ilagan, AIR21 Vice President for Warehousing Logistics, takes the challenge of the Kia Warehouse Management Project. He highlights that the real challenge is for the AIR21 Kia Warehousing Team’s adaptability to the client’s office culture and other processes. Hence, he is confident on his dedicated team’s competency in continuing the efficient logistics system as AIR21 provides the training needed for this kind of service.

“This is just one of the many activities with AIR21”, says CAC President Ginia Domingo who looks forward to stronger partnerships with AIR21.

A significant boulevard

Lina Group Chairman Bert Lina shares how significant the CAC Central Parts Depot location is. The Aurora Boulevard in Pasay City is where Chairman Lina established the Airfreight 2100, Inc. office right across the present Central Parts Depot.

AIR21 officially started its Kia Warehouse Management operation on July 1. Apart from warehousing, AIR21 also services parts distribution for the Kia Visayas and Mindanao area.


Together with AIR21 and Kia staff, (From middle L-R) CAC After Sales Director Bong Rosal, AIR21 President Jerry Jara, Lina Group Chairman Bert Lina, CAC President Ginia Domingo


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